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Finishing the Camino de Santiago is always a reason for joy, pride and satisfaction, but when you arrive in Santiago … What do you do with your backpack or bicycle? In the Cathedral (and in more and more places) entry with a backpack or bicycle is already prohibited, so finding a safe place to leave your backpack or bicycle in Santiago should be a priority for any pilgrim.

At Quintana Souvenirs we offer a 24-hour left luggage service just 1 minute walk from the Cathedral. We take care of storing your backpack in Santiago, of keeping your bicycle in custody in a safe place so that you can enjoy the city as it deserves, accessing any place and without worries. These are our services:

Consigna de Mochilas en Santiago de Compostela - Quintana Souvenirs


Backpack storage service in Santiago de Compostela 24 hours, ideal for pilgrims who finish the Camino, so that they can enjoy Santiago without carrying their backpack. Remember that it is not allowed to enter the Cathedral of Santiago with backpacks.

If you are looking for where to store suitcases in Santiago de Compostela, at Quintana Souvenirs we store them for only 3€ per day per backpack. Forget having to leave your backpack at the train station storage room or carry it around all day. Leave us your backpack and enjoy the city.

3€ / day for backpack
24h service (with reservation)

Consigna de bicicletas en Santiago de Compostela - Quintana Souvenirs


If you need to store your bicycle in Santiago de Compostela at the end of the Camino, in Quintana Souvenirs we have a 24-hour bicycle storage service in Santiago de Compostela for pilgrims from only 5€ per bicycle per day.

We are just 1 minute walk from the Cathedral, so you can visit Santiago without worrying about your bike. Remember that you cannot enter the Cathedral of Santiago with a bicycle or backpack, so Quintana Souvenirs is the best option to be unconcerned at the end of the road.

5€ / day per bike
24h service (with reservation)

Tienda de souvenirs y recuerdos en Santiago de Compostela - Quintana Souvenirs

Souvenir shop

Quintana Souvenirs is the reference souvenir shop in Santiago de Compostela. We have been open for more than 10 years, previously in Praza da Quintana and currently in Rua do Franco, 23.

In our store you can buy typical gifts from Santiago and souvenirs from the Camino de Santiago, to remember your experience in the most special way.

The Souvenir shop is open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. without interruption.

In addition to the gift shop in Santiago, we have a backpack custody service and bicycle custody 24 hours a day, to facilitate your stay in Santiago as a pilgrim.

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